Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The Christmas knitting!  It is done!

Those are the two pair of socks I knit for my father for Christmas.  I finished the last one about 5 minutes ago.  I still need to weave in a few ends on the face cloths I made for my mom and on the scarves I made for my brother's in-laws, but that shouldn't take long.  I hope to take care of the face cloths tonight before I go to bed.  The scarves I can work on tomorrow in front of the rest of the fam, since the in-laws won't be there.

Done, done, finito, done!

Also, I know my hair looks like it survived a recent encounter with a pair of hair clippers, but I promise, it's just pulled back in a pony tail.  It's as long and snarly and multi-colored as it's always been.


  1. Yay you! Nicely done. And lol, that's a great picture.

  2. I *LOVE* the joy and triumph in that picture plus the socks look amazingly cozy. Ka-Pow!

  3. Ka-Pow! is right! I'm usually down to the wire, trying to finish that last little bit of crafting on Christmas Eve, or right before I throw everything in my suitcase and head for the airport in the days when I had to leave home to go "home" for Christmas. I didn't even have to break out my guaranteed, hurry, hurry, gotta get it done movie, A Very Brady Christmas, to inspire me to finish!

    I feel like I should be scrounging around for a new, ridiculous project to try to complete last minute, like a 6 ft scarf or a pair of socks in itty bitty fingering weight yarn.

    In a few minutes I'm going to brave the kitchen to make chocolate covered cherries for my dad as the rest of his Christmas present. (I did it once, and it became and instant Tradition, so now I have to do it every year. I don't really mind except that it's messy, and I'd rather stay in bed.) Then I need to make another batch of toffee, because most of the last one went to my uncle for his Christmas present, and Mom decided she wants some, too.

    But other than that, I'm just about completely ready for Christmas!

  4. Christmas knitting done on Christmas eve eve? That's AMAZING. Congratulations!