Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bridegroom- It's Important, Y'all

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (you might recognize her name as the producer of the TV show Designing Women) has turned to Kickstarter to try to finance a documentary on a pretty damn important subject.

Tom Bridegroom died in an accident last year.  His family, who greeted his coming out with guns and violence, took his body and his things from his home in California and disappeared with them, back to Indiana.  His partner, Shane, who he shared a mortgage and a business with, had no legal right to any information about what happened after the accident or the disposition of his property.  He flew to Indiana for the funeral and was told that Tom's father and uncle planned to attack him if he showed up.

This is what can happen when the law prevents consenting adults in committed relationships from legally marrying each other.  It's devastating.  It's wrong.  And it needs to stop.  If you've got a couple extra bucks to donate toward getting this documentary made about Tom and Shane and the harm that these homophobic laws do, please consider it.  Right now they have another $150,000 to raise, and 14 days to do it in.  And please spread the word.  This is a story that needs to be told.