Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Reading List

Another year, another list of books!  2014 was a busy one for me, with RT, GRL, and a family wedding all taking me out of town.  And then there were the hats.  Many, many, many hats.  I was aiming for 300 books this year, and that didn't happen.  I was also once again aiming to end the year with fewer books on the TBR than I started with, and that definitely didn't happen.  But I read some good stuff, and I cleared a few titles that had been lingering in the TBR for a long time, so that's a plus.  And really, 242 books in a year isn't too shabby.

The titles I particularly enjoyed are marked with a *.

1. Capture & Surrender- LA Witt and Aleksandr Voinov
2. His Crossdressing Fantasy- Calandra Hunter
3. Stormhaven- Jordan L. Hawk*
4. Willful Impropriety: 13 Tales of Society, Scandal, and Romance- Ekaterina Sedia, Editor
5. Skybound- Aleksandr Voinov
6. The Flesh Cartel #13: The House Always Wins- Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau
7. How to Repair a Mechanical Heart- JC Lillis*
8. Fifteen Shades of Gay- T Baggins
9. Crystal Gardens- Amanda Quick
10. The Backup Boyfriend- River Jaymes
11. Don't Let Me Go- JH Trumble
12. Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell** (This one gets two, because I loved it so much!)
13. Family Man- Jayne Ann Krentz
14. Provoked- Joanna Chambers
15. My Heartache Cowboy- ZA Maxfield
16. Walking Kate- Sarah Addison Allen
17. Interlude With Tattoos- KJ Charles
18. Dead Kitties Don't Purr- Amber Green
19. Training Season- Leta Blake
20. Making the Grade- Shannon West
21. A Case of Possession- KJ Charles*
22. The Lord of Twink's Bottom- Danni Keane
23. Iron & Velvet- Alexis Hall
24. How to Misbehave- Ruthie Knox
25. Stars & Stripes- Abigail Roux
26. Divergent- Veronica Roth*
27. Psychic Moon- MD Grimm
28. Trick of Time- JL Merrow
29. Bayou Loup- Lynn Lorenz
30. After the Rain- Daisy Harris
31. Beyond Control- Kit Rocha
32. Eidolon- Jordan L Hawk
33. Sole Support- Kaje Harper
34. Steel's Edge- Ilona Andrews
35. Getaway- Cara McKenna
36. Shiny!- Amy Lane
37. The Dark Knight- Elizabeth Elliott
38. Luck in the Shadows- Lynn Flewelling
39. Copper Beach- Jayne Ann Krentz
40. Bound to Be a Groom- Megan Mulry*
41. Good Bones- Kim Fielding
42. Midnight in Berlin- JL Merrow
43. The Flesh Cartel #14: Independence Day- Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau
44. Dream Eyes- Jayne Ann Krentz
45. Cowboys Down- Barbara Elsborg
46. Ghosts & Flames- Kaje Harper
47. Portside- Elyan Smith
48. Portrait of a Crossroads- Kelly Rand
49. The Man Who Came Too Much- Ellie Saxx
50. Lick- Kylie Scott
51. Black Box- Jordan Castillo Price
52. Royal Street- Suzanne Johnson*
53. Thirteen Hours- Meghan O'Brien
54. Whiskey and Wry- Rhys Ford
55. Relief Valve- JL Merrow
56. Guarded Desires- Lexxie Couper
57. The Dom Project- Heloise Belleau and Solace Ames*
58. Bullet- Garrett Leigh
59. When You Give a Duke a Diamond- Shana Galen
60. Little Squirrels Can Climb Tall Trees- Michael Murphy
61. In the Red- Kari Gregg
62. Straight Shooter- Heidi Belleau*
63. Whisper of Jasmine- Deanna Raybourn
64. The Flesh Cartel #15: Twenty-Five- Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau
65. City of Jasmine- Deanna Raybourn*
66. The Mark of an Alpha- Kim Dare
67. Maelstrom 1- Yamila Abraham
68. The Caldwell Ghost- KJ Charles
69. It's All Geek to Me- JL Merrow
70. Fingersmith- Sarah Waters
71. Hard Time- Cara McKenna*
72. Bad Influence- KA Mitchell
73. Butterflies- KJ Charles
74. Losing Better- Katey Hawthorne
75. Poster Boy- Anne Tenino
76. Gold Digger- Aleksandr Voinov
77. The Midnight Hunt- LL Raand
78. Storm- Brigid Kemmerer*
79. Flying Blind- Jordan Castillo Price
80. Radio Silence- Jordan Castillo Price
81. Final Boarding- Jordan Castillo Price
82. Beyond Moonlight- Piper Vaughn and MJ O'Shea
83. Remnant- KJ Charles and Jordan L Hawk*
84. Payoff- LA Witt and Aleksandr Voinow
85. Last First Kiss- Piper Vaughn
86. The High Price of Pest Control- Scott Sherman
87. Alone With You- Shannon Stacey
88. Cocaine Blues- Kerry Greenwood
89. After the Fall- LA Witt
90. Organic Chemistry- Andrew Grey
91. Southern Comfort- Nikki London
92. Elemental- Brigid Kemmerer
93. Fearless- Brigid Kemmerer
94. His Roommate's Pleasure- Lana McGregor
95. Raincheck- Sarah Madison
96. #First Impressions #Second Chances- Heidi Belleau
97. First Time, Forever- KC Burn
98. Hooch & Cake- Heidi Cullinan*
99. Know Thine Enemy- Rosalie Stanton
100. Angel 1089- CC Bridges
101. Stranger on the Shore- Josh Lanyon
102. Necropolis- Jordan L Hawk*
103. Out-Foxed- Haley Walsh
104. The Pack or the Panther- Tara Lain
105. Spark- Brigid Kemmerer
106. The Derby Girl- Tamera Morgan
107. Double Shot- Christine d'Abo
108. Kamikaze Boys- Jay Bell
109. Breathless- Brigid Kemmerer
110. Hunter of Demons- Jordan L Hawk
111. Hard as It Gets- Laura Kaye
112. Beyond Pain- Kit Rocha
113. Deadlocked- Charlaine Harris
114. Touch & Geaux- Abigail Roux
115. Beyond Denial- Kit Rocha
116. All He Ever Dreamed- Shannon Stacey
117. Rulebreaker- Cathy Pegau
118. Buzz Kill- Beth Fantaskey
119. Saugatuck Summer- Amelia C. Gormley
120. Skin Game- Jim Butcher
121. Easy- Tammara Webber
122. Twelfth Night- Deanna Raybourn
123. Shock & Awe- Abigail Roux
124. Everything I Know- Josh Lanyon
125. The Flesh Cartel #16: To the Victor- Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau
126. Proprietary Rights- Sam Schooler
127. The Green-Eyed Monster- Melanie Tushmore
128. Kamikaze- Moira Rogers
129. The Student Prince- FayJay*
130. The Rosie Project- Graeme Simsion*
131. Loving Jay- Renae Kaye
132. Rule of Three- Kelly Jamieson
133. A Little Bit Country- SJ Frost
134. Cupid's Arrows- Sylvia Ketrie
135. Do or Die- Suzanne Brockmann
136. The Flesh Cartel #17: Boxed In- Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau
137. The Flesh Cartel #18: The Long Road- Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau
138. Trouble & the Wallflower- Kade Boehme
139. Prey- Andrea Speed
140. Double Blind- Heidi Cullinan*
141. Magic Rises- Ilona Andrews*
142. She Makes Hats- Robyn Devine
143. Blame it on the Mistletoe- Eli Easton*
144. Changing Plans- LA Witt
145. Guarded- Cat Grant
146. Master of Ghouls- Jordan L Hawk
147. Max and Finn- LB Gregg
148. The Flesh Cartel #19: Promise- Rachel Haimowitz and Heidi Belleau*
149. Last Car to Annwn Station- Michael Merriam
150. Deception Cove- Jayne Castle
151. Dirty Thirty- Cara McKenna
152. Tall, Tatted and Tempting- Tammy Falkner
153. Let it Ride- LC Chase*
154. Defiance- Stephanie Tyler
155. Night Broken- Patricia Briggs*
156. Destiny's Embrace- Beverly Jenkins
157. Voodoo 'n' Vice- KC Burn
158. The Theory of Attraction- Delphine Dryden*
159. The Princess and the Porn Star- Lauren Gallagher
160. Visions- Kelley Armstrong*
161. Tough Love- Heidi Cullinan
162. Same Page- Lily Velden
163. Wickedly Magical- Deborah Blake*
164. The Hot Zone- Jayne Castle
165. Courted- Sylvia Ketrie
166. Reaper of Souls- Jordan L Hawk
167. His Risk to Take- Tessa Bailey
168. Daylight Again- SE Jakes
169. Who's Your Daddy- Lauren Gallagher
170. Dead Ever After- Charlaine Harris
171. Luna- Julie Ann Peters
172. Fanning the Flames- Victoria Dahl*
173. The Field of Someone Else's Dreams- Amelia C Gormley
174. Eleanor & Park- Rainbow Rowell*
175. Bound by Honor- SE Jakes
176. Beguiled- Joanna Chambers
177. Facade- Zahra Owens
178.  Cake- Derekica Snake
179. Beneath the Stain: Part 1- Amy Lane
180. What This Woman Wants- Lauren Gallagher
181. Just a Little Bad- KA Mitchell*
182. Partners in Crime- Josh Lanyon, Sarah Black*
183. Beneath the Stain: Part 2- Amy Lane
184. Beneath the Stain: Part 3- Amy Lane
185. Beneath the Stain: Part 4- Amy Lane
186. Abercrombie Zombie- KZ Snow
187. Man Enough- Beth Burnett
188. Dirty Deeds- SE Jakes
189. Fever Pitch- Heidi Cullinan*
190. Blue Notes- Shira Anthony
191. The Holy Road- Ginn Hale
192. Seth and David- LB Gregg
193. Beneath the Stain: Part 5- Amy Lane*
194. The Boy With the Painful Tattoo- Josh Lanyon*
195. Bloodline- Jordan L Hawk*
196. Graceland- Ally Blue
197. Wholehearted- Ronica Black
198. Billionaire With Benefits- Anne Tenino*
199. Dark Geist- Amanda Steiger
200. Caught- JL Merrow
201. Spirit- Brigid Kemmerer
202. Flight of Magpies- KJ Charles*
203. Beneath the Stain: Part 6- Amy Lane
204. Bookended- Heidi Belleau
205. Normal Enough- Marie Sexton
206. Elfhome- Wen Spencer
207. Starstruck- LA Witt
208. Peek-a-Boo- Andrea Speed
209. Horny- Anne Tenino
210. Seducing Stephen- Bonnie Dee
211. Fair Play- Josh Lanyon
212. Dead in LA- Lou Harper*
213. Gabriel's City- Laylah Hunter*
214. Sheepish- Catherine Friend
215. Secret- Brigid Kemmerer
216. Beneath the Stain: Part 7- Amy Lane*
217. High Concept- Whitley Gray
218. Midnight Crossroad- Charlaine Harris
219. Nine Lights Over Edinburgh- Harper Fox
220. Bonfire Night- Deanna Raybourn*
221. Joys R Us- Kim Fielding
222. Trusted Bond- Mary Calmes
223. One Was a Soldier- Julia Spencer-Fleming
224. Three of Hearts- Kelly Jamieson
225. Housekeeping- Kim Fielding
226. Going Up- Amy Lane
227. Think of England- KJ Charles*
228. My True Love Gave to Me- Stephanie Perkins, Editor*
229. Gifted- Kelley Armstrong*
230. Came Upon a Midnight Clear- Katie Porter
231. Friday Night Lipstick- Giselle Renarde
232. Her Holiday Man- Shannon Stacey
233. A Small Miracle Happened- Mari Donne
234. Weekend and Widerhope Manor- Lucy Felthouse
235. Men of Smithfield: Adam and Holden- LB Gregg
236. How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps- Josephine Myles*
237. Three the Hard Way- Sydney Croft
238. David's Selfie- Daisy Harris
239. Raising the Rent- JL Merrow
240. An Improper Holiday- KA Mitchell
241. Sleigh Ride- Heidi Cullinan
242. Fish and Ghosts- Rhys Ford