Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Big Day

It's been a long day, and let me tell you-- I am TIRED.

First, I went to the doctor.  She's going to give me one more round of antibiotics, this time a different one, to see if whatever is going on in my left boob clears up.  If not, she's sending me to a specialized breast surgeon.  She seems to be leaning away from infection and more toward inflammatory something or other going on in there.  With the Crohn's and the inflammatory joint stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if I've developed some weird, auto-immune breast issue.  I asked if that was a possibility, and she didn't deny it.  But she wasn't aware of any auto-immune diseases that affect the breast.  (Neither am I, but since there are about a million auto-immune diseases out there, it's not surprising that there's one I'm unfamiliar with.)  The impression I got from her was that she's concerned, if this antibiotic doesn't work, that it might be inflammatory breast cancer.  That's pretty aggressive, and not something you want to get.  I asked if it was possible for the mammogram to come out clear and still have inflammatory breast cancer.  She said it is, if it's just inflammatory, and there's no lump.  So kind of waiting it out.  If RT weren't next week, I'd probably go ahead and go to the surgeon to get it checked out instead of trying this third round of antibiotics.  But at least with RT coming up, I've got something to focus on other than ol' lefty.

In more positive news, I drove today for the first time in over a year.  There was no real reason why I haven't driven in the last year.  I just don't go anywhere much, and 90% of the time when I leave the house it's to go somewhere with my parents anyway.  So I just don't drive.  Plus, I don't own a car, so driving means taking Mom or Dad's car.  It was really uncomfortable there for a while, although I was perfectly comfortable behind the wheel today.  So yay!

After the doctor's office I went to Walmart to fill my prescription and get some last minute stuff for RT.  I really wore myself out, but I had a good time!  Check out this fabulous bag I got!  (The Cherries among us will appreciate it.)  And it was super cheap-- 88 cents!  The next time this bag sees the light of day, it will be filled with goodies at RT.

And here is a picture of the little gadget cozy I knit this weekend to cover up my mp3 player/wifi/fake smart phone thingie.  I'd take a picture of it with the gadget in it, but my gadget is my camera, so....

The cozy won't protect it from any hard knocks, but hopefully it will keep the screen from getting all scratched up in my purse as it gets carted around next week.  And I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures, so you get to see all the wonderful readers and writers I meet.

I think that's all the big news for right now.  I have some other good stuff to talk about, and I'll try to get to that this week, before I leave for RT.

Lip Balm Flavor of the Day: Cat Pee


  1. Okay, it took me a while to figure out that you had moved. I know that the old blog said you were going to, but I just didn't realize you HAD!

    No worries. Got it all fixed at my place now. (Which, ya know, matters to ME!)

    Sorry about the worrisome booby. Let's say the next round of meds will clear it all up and soon it will be nothing more than a blog topic, a distant memory, and we can all just laugh about it while making titty jokes.

  2. I found you! Now I have to bookmark you. What Julie said about the booby.

    Have fun at RT!!