Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Putting It Out There

The other day a read a blog post by someone who has a movie buddy.  Every once in a while they get together for a daylong marathon of the indie gay romances that they both love.  Can I just say, this sounds completely AWESOME?!?!  Living with my parents, I pretty much limit my watching of anything with significant gay characters to after they've gone to bed or while they're out of the house.  It isn't worth the hassle I'd have to put up with, even for something I really enjoy.

So I'm putting it out to the Universe right now.  I want to find a local friend to get together with occasionally, who enjoys those kinds of movies, and maybe even some of the same books I do, and won't think I'm a total weirdo or spout a bunch of homophobic crap.  (Also, if they like the occasionally other girlie movie, that would be good.  I had plans with my SIL to see Magic Mike that got cancelled- twice- before it came out that my brother wouldn't "let" her see it.  That pisses me off and skeeves me out in about equal measure.)

It would be really nice to have someplace I felt like I could be myself in real life, and not just on the internet.


  1. Universe, are you listening?!
    Damn straight, get this done. For Becky. Now!
    Julie who is nothing, if not full of faith.
    (I said FAITH!)

  2. Oh lol, I just saw the irony in my "straight" comment. Ha ha ha ha ha..... the Universe has the weirdest sense of humour.