Tuesday, December 13, 2011


As you may have noticed, there have been a lot more pictures around here lately.  I bought that Samsung Galaxy Player a couple of weeks ago, and I'm having much fun snapping pictures of everything around me.  The pictures are much better than what I was getting from my cheapo digital camera, too!

Anyway, tonight I made toffee.  My uncle really enjoys it, so I send him a batch for Christmas every year.  It's really easy to make, too.  (The recipe I use is from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook.  Here's the recipe from their website.)

On to the pictures!

This is the toffee cooking.  It's approximately at firm ball stage.  Hur.

Here's the toffee poured out and cooling.

And this is the finished product.  Toffee covered with semi-sweet chocolate and pecans!  I'll make another batch tomorrow or the next day without the nuts.  Dad can't have them, and they're a pretty bad idea for me, too, because of the Crohn's.  I would be shocked if Mom doesn't manage to sneak a piece or two of the be-nutted batch, though.  She really enjoys them.


  1. Ooooh. I haven't made toffee in a while. I may have to whip up a batch (with almonds). Nom.

  2. That looks fabulous! For the past few years I've made caramels and wrapped them in shiny red, green and gold papers for gifts for people, but I just can't handle it this year. Too bad as homemade caramels are really, deeply, truly good.

  3. Mmm, homemade caramels do sound good. But also a lot of work with all the individual wrapping.

    Tomorrow or Friday (probably Friday) I need to make chocolate covered cherries. Those may be too messy to get pictures of. They're a little labor intensive (although not as bad as truffles), but sooo good. And they're Dad's absolute favorite, so they're worth the work.

  4. I was away. Okay, I wasn't like GONE, but I'm having some issues catching up.

    One, gay (gender queer) apparel, LOL!!

    B: cookies and candy, yay! (Karen, is there a LAW against making some goodies in January to help everyone out during REAL winter? No, I believe there is not.)

    Last- never heard of that German pastry but was so glad to read about it here, from you awesome fans.

    Am I all current now?

  5. Well, no, Julie, no law . . . *going off to ponder making caramels in January*