Friday, November 12, 2010

Upon the Horns of a Dilemna

It's time to share another secret with you all.  Despite my love of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model, I'm pretty ambivalent about my own clothing.  I have few requirements, and none of them have anything to do with looking stylish.

The first problem is fit.  I am a fat girl.  I'm not being coy.  I'm not talking about needing to lose 10 lbs or comparing myself to models on the covers of magazines.  The last time I was on a scale I was over 300 lbs, and that kind of weight comes with clothing challenges.  Shirts are constantly too short, revealing, if you'll forgive my mixing of metaphors, my fish belly white muffin top.  It's embarrassing.  If you notice us fat girls constantly yanking down the hems of our shirts, that's why.  They're just too damn short.

With pants I often find them unacceptably tight over the gut, hips, and tush, but ridiculously wide from mid-thigh down.  Sometimes the waistband is tight also, but more often it gapes ridiculously.  Not only does the skin tight stuff over the tummy, butt, and thighs emphasize exactly what we'd like to pretend isn't there, but with the Crohn's anything that presses against my stomach is painful.  So the challenge becomes finding pants that I can sit and stand in without swimming in them or being cut in half.

Those are two of the *ahem* biggest problems I have with finding clothes.  The next problem is one of availability and standards.  Have you noticed how often big women wear unnatural fabrics and sequins?  This is not by choice.  It's exceptionally hard to find sane clothing made from natural fabrics for plus sized women in stores.  There are catalogs, but you never know what you're getting until it arrives.  Will the quality be good?  Will it fit right or will it be a complete disaster?  And because fat clothes are apparently a specialty item, even though a growing portion of the population need them, they tend to be more expensive.  It makes sense, I guess.  Significant demand, plus limited supply, means higher prices and fewer bargains.

Well, I didn't mean to rant.  I guess I had a few things to get off my chest.  The real reason I started this post was because I have some wardrobe building to do, and I'm feeling stuck.  I've already ordered a few things, a couple of which fit and are exactly what I was looking for.  A couple were what I want, but the sizes were completely ridiculous.  I bought jeans in two different styles, figuring one or the other would work for me.  I followed the sizing instructions.  And they both look like clown pants.  I followed the same sizing instructions, and the flannel pants and thermal top sets I bought are just right.  Go figure.

Anyway, I'm going to post a few things, and I'd love to get your opinion.  Keep in mind that I spend 90% of my time at home, so comfy is the word of the day.  When I do go out it will be casual-- jeans if I can figure out what size fits me and a basic top.  And I've moved from toasty Texas to the frigid north, so warmth is an issue.  I'm doing most of my shopping at, but I can also get basics, like long sleeve tshirts, for a good price at  They might not carry the sizes I need in the store, but I can sometimes find them online.

So, here's some of what I'm looking at.  I'd like at least a couple more pair of flannel pants for lounging around the house. 
Option one
Option two

I'm not absolutely in love with any of the color combinations.  There's a sage thermal top that matches the sage flannel pants in option one, but I like the top much more than the bottoms.  The french lilac combo of option two is all right, and you can get discount on both pieces when you buy a long sleeve cotton tshirt to match.  But again, I'm not totally sold.  (I prefer more vibrant colors.)  The red/white/black check in option two is all right, but I'm not sure the large square checks are the most flattering.

I do really like the yellow-with-blue-flowers version of this thermal, but several people mention in the reviews that it's scratchy.  I'm a delicate flower, and if it's scratchy I probably won't wear it.

scratchy thermal?
And I like the layered-look crewneck tee, which comes in colored sleeves and white sleeves.


I'm spoiled for choices with these-- there are a million colors so it's hard to make a decision.  They're offering $4 off if you buy two or more.

And I really like the look of this sherpa sweatshirt.  Looks snuggly and warm.  I'm even pretty sure what color I want-- golden wheat.  I'm just not sure I want to spend the money.

sherpa sweatshirt

I know this is dumb.  We're just talking about around the house slouchware.  But funds are limited, and I can't try any of this stuff on before buying (although I can return it if necessary), and I need some help.  So help!  Which of these should I get?


  1. For comfy I am your gal! Dressing up just makes me twitch, and start ripping off my clothes before I even hit the front door.
    I don't like things that are potentially scratchy either, so don't even question that one. Might be? Not a choice in my book.
    The sherpa sweatshirt wasn't my fave, but I liked the look of the layered one, just not with the white sleeves. (I'd have food on the cuffs in about a minute, but maybe that's just me.)
    If you are not "in love" with those color choices of the cozy pants, don't go with any then. Flannel bottoms are available in a lot of places right now, on line and in person. Wait a bit until you adore the colors.
    Other suggestions? I'd say poke around in the sale or clearance spots of places you wouldn't normally check, like sporting goods stores, Target, Walgreens, or Shopko. Look in men's or young men's departments too. I've found some good stuff in the kid's sections (I'm way short, but round in shape).
    Let us know how it goes! We DO care, and we also have issues like this.

  2. Urg.
    I know I commented on this last night. Looks like zombies ate it. When I'm more awake, I'll recreate said post. Until then, I'm with ya!


  3. Okay, i like option one on the flannels with sage top and NOTHING ITCHY. I am madly in love with my new sweatpants. They are baggy and extremely soft. I adore them. Yes they are every bit as sexy as they sound heehee.

    I got them from PINK victorias secret and you get to go DOWN one size with them which it is nice to wear a medium in anything and have it not squeeze the bejeezus out of my thighs and belly.

    have you checked out the animal rescue site? they have supersoft comfies in extended sizes and each purchase provides food for animal shelters which i love. and i know you are a kitty girl!

    i recommend layers. personally i bought what I call a Fat Girl Staple this year at macy's. It's a knit open front drapy cardigan that makes shall we say a slimming line across the vast front of my vast front.

    let us know what you pick! I second the target rec. Gilligan and Omalley sleep seperates actualy have fab lounge pants.

  4. I have to say it. I can't help myself. I am really 14 inside, seriously.

    When I read the title of your post: Upon the Horns of a Dilemma, my first response was an audible:

    If the dilemma's horny, screw it and see if it calms down.

    I couldn't resist.