Friday, February 5, 2010

Cheap Trick, Part 2

Well, I was right. The Twist I predicted on page 55 came to pass. Maybe it was because it was so clear to me what was really going on, but I found this book very blah. There was no conflict, no spark. I'm glad the book was only 190 pages. There just wasn't enough story there to make it a typical single title book. In fact, I think this one would have been more successful as a story if it had been pared down a bit and put into an anthology.

Either that, or she needed to drop the idea of the Twist and let the reader in on the secret from the beginning. Then she could have brought in more secondary characters, more complications, more conflict, and expand the story to one that really deserves to stand on its own as a hardback. Because this book, as written, really isn't worth the hardback price, in my opinion.

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