Thursday, December 20, 2007


In September there was an unauthorized charge on my debit Master Card of $450 by some company I've never heard of. I reported it to the bank, they decided it was indeed an unauthorized charge, and put the money back in my account. Today they took the money back out again.

Apparently, there was some paperwork I had to fill out that no one told me about and I never received. Now they're telling me that the window to fight the charge is passed and there's nothing they will do about it. Even though it wasn't my fault. My only option is to fight the charge with the retailer.

In September all they had was a company name, no contact info. I tried researching it at the time, but there was no internet or phone listing for the company anywhere in Texas. Today the bank was able to give me a phone number, but when I called it some random guy answered and then hung up on me when I asked for the company. When I called again he wouldn't pick up.

I did a reverse number look up. It's a cell phone number and unlisted. Of course, I can get the info if I want to spend $15 for it. I called the police instead. Now an officer is supposed to be calling me and/or coming by my apartment to take a report.

Have I mentioned that I AM SO MAD! Rat B*stards!

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