Saturday, September 29, 2007

I went to the LYS yesterday and spent an obscene amount of money. Love the baby alpaca! If you know me, you will be getting a scarf for X-mas this year. Try to act surprised.

Still haven't done anything with my contest entry.

My Tivo didn't record the season opener for CSI. Piece of crap. Did Sarah live? I'll have to see if CBS has the episode available online. And if I really want to sit in front of my computer to watch it. At least my desk chair is comfortable for knitting.

Have I mentioned my mp3 player yet? I love my mp3 player. I'm not much of a gadget girl, but these things are groovy. I just load it up with all my favorite music and put it on random play. It's like having my very own radio station. Yes, I know the young un's have been doing it for years. But I'm old. It takes me longer to adjust to new ideas.

Still working on Agnes and the Hitman. Love Agnes. She's progressed to meat forks. Can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

I'm trying to motivate myself to get up and go to the library. I have an overdue book. Also, I reserved a couple of knitting books, and they're ready to be picked up. Knitting! Books! Free! I may take a nap first.

Well, gotta go now. I bought some music and it's finished downloading. Some Jason Mraz and Tori Amos, but mostly The Cure. They were emo before emo was emo. Told I was old.

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